Cherry Bubble (Liquid Air fresher)

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Can be diluted with water to suit application.

Features & benefits
• Deodoriser
• Concentrated

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500ml, 1ltr  come with triggers and 5ltr tubs comes with a bottle and trigger

Cherry Bubble is a concentrated airborne deodoriser designed to help mask odours and freshen the immediate area. Can be diluted with water to suit application.

Directions of use

Open nozzle spray into the air of the areas where application Is needed.

Features & benefits

• Deodoriser

• Concentrated

Automotive interior advise

Take care not to allow Cherry to sit on interior surfaces where staining / marking may occur, specifically leather, plastic and trims. if the product does come into contact with these surfaces, wipe down immediately with a damp cloth and if necessary clean with a neutral agent.

Additional information

Weight 0.51 kg

500ml Bottle, 1Ltr Bottle, 5ltr Tub

1 review for Cherry Bubble (Liquid Air fresher)

    Chris Oliver
    November 18, 2023
    Cherry Bubble is another great product from Toolbox Cleaning. A great smell to spray in the car or around the house.
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