Greener Cleaner 500ml

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Our new Greener Cleaner product is the professionals choice in Engine bay after service care This formula makes light work of heavy dirt. It contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents, is non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

Our new labels use over 75% less plastic and ink to produce & with out Eco cards now supplied with each bottle they are highly recyclable ♻️

Completely safe on:-

  • Plastics / Trims
  • Paintwork
  • Chrome
  • Carbon fibre
  • Rubber
  • Discs & Pads

Cuts through dirt, oil and grime easily and safely leaving your Engine bay, Motorbike and road bike sparkling clean.This Cleaner is specially formulated to be safe on Engine bay trim cleaning, motorbikes, cycles.


  • Fast Acting
  • Bio De-gradable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Free from harsh chemicals i.e Caustics, Acids, Solvents
  • Gentle on paint
  • Sensitive surfaces.
  • Tough on dirt
  • Strong and versatile
  • Economical
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor
  •  Wax polymers

As this is another Highly concentrated product & can be diluted up to 1 part product to 10 parts water or to suit application

How to use Engine bay cleaning:-

  1. Dilute 3:1 or as required
  2. Spay on engine bay trims
  3. Allow to sit (moderate soiling)
  4. Agitate (heavy soiling)
  5. Wipe off

How to use Motorbike / Cycle Cleaning:-

  1. Dilute to suit application
  2.   10:1 light soiling
  3.    5:1 moderately soiled
  4.    1:1 Heavily soiled
  5.    Undiluted Heavy/Thick soiling
  6. Wash off bike with hose or pressure washer
  7. Apply Cleaner (first check small area first)
  8. Leave for 2-3 min
  9. Agitate / brush down wash off
  10. Do not leave product to dry or leave on in direct sunlight.

*Engine bay cleaning you should always take care to not spray on electrics (for cleaning engine bay trim panels only)


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1 review for Greener Cleaner 500ml

    Robby Jackson
    February 27, 2024
    I bought Greener Cleaner for my Picanto Gt line, to clean my engine bay. I bought it after watching SPS AUTOS were doing work on a car of Matts, of High Peak Autos. I tried on my cars engine bay and the results were superb I'm chuffed I bought this product. I fully recommend this after the restore better than I could have hoped for.
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