Pristine 5ltr Tub


-Highly concentrated
-Multi Purpose
-Can be use to clean Tools
-Very Efficient on greases and oils
-Can dilute to vary application needs

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Pristine APC 5ltr tub

As Pristine is our Flagship tool and equipment Cleaner.
So to keep you topped up and your equipment in top condition.
Pristine APC
A professional strength cleaner that will remover dirt, grime, greases and oils in one wipe.
Pristine can be diluted and used on the external of the toolbox or workshop equipment when heavily soiled but also used on all external of tools to wipe off oils and greases quick and easy.
Pristine is also great for after service engine bay cleaning.
(When used on power tools do not spray directly onto tools spray on a microfibre cloth and wipe with battery or power supply disconnected)

Highly concentrated
Multi Purpose
Can be use to clean Tools and Toolboxes
Very Efficient on greases and oils
Can dilute to vary application needs

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Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


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